In addition to my vintage shops, I do a lot of beading and decoupage cigar boxes to sell at craft shows during the holiday season. Yesterday was my third craft show of the season and I have no idea why, but sales were good for the first time this year! All of a sudden, people are ready to spend some money. I'm pretty sure that the economy hasn't suddenly recovered but the mood is certainly more optimistic. A result of the election outcome? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, hooray! I hope it lasts; I have another show this weekend so I had better go replenish my inventory, lol!


To Buy or Not to Buy...

...that is the question. In the midst of an economic downturn what is a collector/dealer to do? On the one hand, there are bargains to be had; on the other hand, sales are hard to come by!

I was at an antique show yesterday, my very first as a seller and although traffic was good, sales were not. I was talking with the dealer next to me and we agreed that even with rock bottom prices, sales were slow to say the least. Another dealer who stopped by my booth said that she had to decide if she wanted to hold on to her items or give them away. As for me, aside from one big jewelry sale
I didn't sell anything over $20. A few of the items I did sell were at or below cost just to get them out of my inventory! So, sales are tough. On the plus side I did have three people ask if I bought antiques which brings us back to the original question, is this the time to buy?
If you read my previous post, you know that I love a bargain :), and that I already have multiple rooms full of inventory :(. So maybe this is not the time for me to snatch up everything. However, if it was something really good... old Carnival or American Brilliant Period cut glass, pristine Depression or Elegant period glass? Oh yes! I would buy it and hold onto it until things stabilize and prices recover. But that's just me, I can't resist a gorgeous piece of glass.


It's an addiction!

It's true.
I have to get out there every few days to treasure hunt and I'm not happy until I find a steal. It's not enough to find some cool stuff at a decent price, it has to be something awesome that's practically free.
I was scouring my local Goodwill and had almost given up on finding anything good when behind a bunch of non-descript glassware I spy with my little eye something that is opalescent. It's a Many Ribs, Opalescent, Vaseline, Model Flint Glass Co, vase circa 1902, book value $100, and it's marked $4!
Ahhh, now that's satisfying!


By way of introduction - a day in the life slide show

Thanks for visiting! This is my first entry so I thought I would give you a peek into a somewhat typical day. Enjoy!