It's an addiction!

It's true.
I have to get out there every few days to treasure hunt and I'm not happy until I find a steal. It's not enough to find some cool stuff at a decent price, it has to be something awesome that's practically free.
I was scouring my local Goodwill and had almost given up on finding anything good when behind a bunch of non-descript glassware I spy with my little eye something that is opalescent. It's a Many Ribs, Opalescent, Vaseline, Model Flint Glass Co, vase circa 1902, book value $100, and it's marked $4!
Ahhh, now that's satisfying!


By way of introduction - a day in the life slide show

Thanks for visiting! This is my first entry so I thought I would give you a peek into a somewhat typical day. Enjoy!