Names please?

I just realized as I was talking to a new friend that I have not identified the people in my photos or told you my parents names - how rude!

Also I've been spelling Ruthy's name wrong it's Ruthie. I knew something didn't look right but it didn't click untill I typed Aunt Ruthy -oops!

Anyway, the handsome American is Neil Mantone - pic coming soon, for some reason I don't have any service pictures here. The lovely ladies are the Smart girls, Ruthie and Pamsy. The prim lady in the hat is Madeline Smart and the handsome Australian soldier is Albert Smart, Bert to his friends, Grandpa to me.

My mom's maiden name really was Smart. One of her favorite little jokes is to say "I was a Smart girl untill I got married!"

I don't know how exactly how Dad felt about that ;)


A True WWII Love Story continued...

After being hit by the car Dad ended up at a military hospital outside of Sydney. He tried to get in contact with Mom but the best he could do was to leave a message at her job as they didn't have a phone at the house.

Since the hospital was a train and bus ride from Sydney Mom wouldn’t be able to visit until the weekend. My Grandmother, Madeline, being a good Christian woman decided to take a day trip to visit the injured service man. Dad was more than a little surprised to see this prim and proper lady, complete with hat and gloves, arrive with a basket of magazines and other goodies. This was especially unexpected, as Grandma Madeline didn’t much care for the idea of Mom and Dad seeing each other. She thought that with his yellowish skin (from the malaria pills), dark tan and sun-bleached red hair that perhaps he was an Indian or Native American as we say now. On top of that, he was an American and a Catholic. Not exactly the sort of suitor she wanted for her daughter!

Mom did get out to visit him on the weekends and after 3 weeks, he was able to leave the hospital on crutches. Being on leave for a few more weeks due to the crutches Dad was free to continue his pursuit of Mom. Fortunately, Grandpa Bert liked Dad. He had a military background himself serving in WWI and WWII and being a man’s man they got along fine. So Mom was allowed to go to a few movies and dinners with Dad always taking Ruthy along as a chaperone. I don’t know if she was of any use, all she did was walk a few steps behind them and giggle endlessly!

All too soon, Dad was well enough to return to active duty and letters became their only means of communication.

Coming next: Poems and Love Letters


Countdown to Valentine's Day Continues

Today I am introducing Barney, one of the guests at my upcoming blog party. He is a sweet and patient bear who loves his honey and getting dressed up.

Only 6 more days to enter my Help Me Out and Win a Prize give-a-way! - see prior blogs for details

A True WWII Love Story

In 1945, Dad was a 22-year-old seaman in the US Navy aboard a PT boat in the Pacific during WWII, and Mom was a 17-year-old delivery girl living in Sydney, Australia with her mom, dad and 15-year-old sister, Ruthy. This is the story of their long and somewhat turbulent but very romantic courtship.

Sydney was one of the R&R ports for US troops and like many of his fellow sailors, Dad was in town to have some fun and hopefully meet some girls. He had an address of a girl he was going to meet and was having trouble finding the street when he spotted Ruthy and Mom. That’s his story anyway; I think it was just a good opening line.

Meanwhile my mom and my Aunt Ruthy had been out delivering advertising slides to the movie houses and were walking home. Using the pretense of needing help with the address my dad approached the girls. Both were very pretty but Ruthy with her white blond hair usually attracted more attention and such was the case on the walk home. Once they arrived home and Dad got a good look in some light he realized that Ruthy was much too young and switched his attention over to Mom. Not the most romantic start.

He asked her out and her father said NO but two days later let them go to an early movie. “Be home by 9” The date went well and Dad was on his way back to his ship that would be leaving in the morning when he was hit by a car and ended up in the hospital. Darn those Aussies driving on the wrong side of the road ;)! Mom says that’s when they really started to get to know each other.

to be continued….


Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow…

…can keep me from my appointed auction.

Ok, I admit that’s a stretch but I did go out to an auction yesterday despite it being in the boonies and during the worst snow storm this year. A thirty minute trip turned into an hour and a half crawl along snow covered roads with cars a-slippin and a-slidin all over the place!

It was worth the trip though because in addition to some beautiful glass, china, and a fabulous set of silver candleholders, I bought six Aston Drake Porcelain dolls. These two are my favorites.
This is Mary from Mary Has a Little Lamb, unfortunately her lamb is lost. I think the expression on her face is priceless, she looks like I often feel when my brain isn’t working right.

The redhead is Peaches and Cream, she has her little basket of peaches and her face is just beautiful!

Now I know that these are collectible dolls and if you play with them you decrease the value, but how can you not! All of their little outfits have real snaps so that they can be taken on and off and although I have resisted doing that it’s nice to know that it’s possible. Their heads rotate and tilt into different positions making their expressions even more adorable, plus the arms and hands can be repositioned to a certain extent. I did play with them a little, as you can see from the photographs. I couldn’t resist, they seem like they were made to play with!


Help me out and win a prize!

Like Noel Squirel I too have a hard time making up my mind. How sad is that!

Anyway, I need to choose a door prize for the blog party on Valentines day. Please visit any of my shops - see list at the very top of all the posts - and let me know what you would pick. I'm planning some other promotions with lots of prizes so I need lots of suggestions!

Leave a comment with your choice and you're automatically entered into a drawing to be held on Feburary 1st for one of the suggestions!

Thank you all for helping,


You're Invited to a Valentine's Day Party!

Preparations are in full swing for the Lollishops Progressive Blog "All Dolled Up" Valentine's Day Party.
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In my next few blogs I will be introducing you to some of the guests at my party and you can follow the story by clicking on the top picture on the right. Today's featured guest is Noel, a very young squirrel known for her sweet tooth and her propensity to worry!


Lollishops – The Fru-Fru Friendly Marketplace

I just opened a new niche shop for my girlie girl items! You know, gloves, hats, shabby chic’, and those cute little figurines that I love but that my DH wants to use for target practice, lol!

I have been inspired by the many talented artist there to try my hand at some new crafts too, one of which is my line of Victorian lady magnets. They’re all one of a kind and come with a short background story. I’ve had fun painting them and making up the stories, now if I could only sell some…