Vintage Anchor Hocking Glass

A History of Anchor Hocking

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You can find Anchor Hocking glassware just about anywhere housewares are sold today but what you may not know is what a wonderful collectible Anchor Hocking glass is!

From its humble beginnings as a turn of the century glass company near the banks of the Hocking River in Lancaster Ohio Anchor Hocking has grown to become a favorite in homes across America. 

I use Anchor glass every day and I bet that you have some in your kitchen as well.

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Anchor Hocking began business in 1905 with the purchase of the Lancaster Carbon Company in Ohio. The original investors, Isaac Collins, EB Good and their associates named the company Hocking Glass for the nearby Hocking River and nicknamed the plant the “Black Cat” because of all of the carbon dust.

When the original plant burned to the ground in 1924, “Plant 1” was built on the original site and later that same year Hocking acquired the Lancaster Glass Co. and the Standard Glass Co.
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In 1931, Hocking Glass entered the glass container business leading to the 1937 merger of Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap and Closure Company and bringing about the more familiar Anchor Hocking name.

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The corporation continued to grow through expansion of the existing company’s products and facilities, building new plants and acquiring additional companies across the USA. 

By 1969 the word ‘glass’ was no longer part of this international corporation whose products now included plastics, lighting, earthenware, china and stoneware. 

Today the company has a major manufacturing facility and a 1.3 million square foot distribution center employing over 1,300 people in Lancaster, Ohio and is a leading producer of consumer glass 
products with distribution around the world. 
I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about Anchor Hocking's history. Whether you are looking for Depression Glass, Mid Century designs or something from the seventies or eighties Anchor Hocking has something for every taste and style.


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