Basic Glove Etiquette

Every fashionista simply must have a number of gloves in her wardrobe! But which ones? When and where should they be worn?  Here are a few basic rules.
  • Gloves are always appropriate for outings, whether shopping, lunch with the girls or more formal events.  Just be sure you are wearing the correct glove style and length for the occasion. Day gloves are almost always short. Slightly longer gloves with a flared top are worn for sporting events and driving. The length of opera gloves depends on the length of the sleeve – the shorter the sleeve the longer the glove. 
  • Gloves are worn when shaking hands unless you are shaking the hand of the President or a monarch in which case you should remove your gloves. They of course would leave their gloves on.

  • Gloves should be put on over rings but bracelets (especially big sparkly cuffs!) may be worn over the glove. Think Marilyn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...

  • Gloves should be removed when you are seated at the dinner table and placed on your lap under the napkin. Gloves should never be worn when eating or smoking and usually not when drinking.

  • There is conflicting information on whether or not gloves should be worn when dancing. It seems to depend on how intimate the relationship is - ie remove them for your fiancé but perhaps not for your sweaty palmed uncle.

For more information about evening gloves please visit   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evening_glove

Wondering what length glove to wear for your wedding? http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/225767/wearing-gloves-glove-lengths

This article has a great deal of information about glove styles. https://www.mafca.com/downloads/Fashions/Gloves.pdf

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