Swanky Swigs

How many of us have fond memories of that special glass – you know, the one with the pretty blue tulips or comical characters? Most likely you are thinking of Swanky Swigs!

Blue Cornflower Swanky Swig Juice Glass

The original Swanky Swigs were produced in the 1930’s through the early 1940’s and are thought to have been made by Hazel Atlas. These charming glasses were sold filled with Kraft Cheese products. Eat the cheese and you had a free glass! Talk about being green – nothing going in the landfill from that packaging. In fact these little glasses have become quite the collectible.

The most popular glasses were the flowers; tulips, daisies, cornflowers to name a few. But there were a lot of other designs. Bustling Betsy was another favorite with different scenes in bright yellow, red, blue, green and orange.

Orange Bustling Betsy Swanky Swig Juice Glass

Did you know that Swanky Swigs also came in opaque colors?  These glasses have a sprayed on finish and sometimes a colorful decal as well.

Opaque Green Swanky Swig Juice Glass

So the next time you are visiting your Grandmother take a peek in her kitchen cabinets – you just might find a cherished childhood memory!

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