Vintage Planters Alternate Uses

Thinking outside the box – Planters


Hull Mid Century Pink Black Gold Squiggle Planter

During a recent antique show I noticed something that puzzled me. One planter in particular was picked up and admired a number of times but then put back down. Obviously people liked it but no one wanted to take it home. Why was that? I had a very fair price on it and it is a cool mid-century style which was popular with the crowd.


I started to think that the problem wasn’t with the item but due to the fact that the customers didn’t see the potential this little planter possessed! Many people shy away from planters due to unfortunate experiences with dead plants in the past and the guilt involved in their untimely deaths. So... don't think of this piece as a PLANTer but as a CONTAINer.

I imagine some of you are thinking – container for what?
Here's one option. Fill it with essentials for overnight guests and place it in your guest bedroom or bath.  So easy and many of the items are probably already in your linen closet.

I started with a washcloth and shower puff in complementary colors plus a fresh bar of soap. Then I added some of those small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and other products that I never use at the hotel but have to take with me. I paid for them and I always think I might need them sometime. And see, finally a use for them!  A quick search though my gift wrap box and voila a small organza bag that a candle or something came in to group the little bottles. 

Put it all together and how pretty is that?  Your overnight guest will feel cherished and you don't have to tell them how easy it was to make.


cobayley said...

What a great idea. I love using vintage for "new" ideas. Great article!

Karen-CharmingsCollectibles said...

Thanks Carolyn, it was fun to put together.

Kelly Littleton said...

I love functional vintage items. Always looking for different ways to use them. I have a similar planter by my kitchen sink that holds sponges and scrubbers and even my hand soap pump. So much tidier!

Karen-CharmingsCollectibles said...

Great idea Kelly! I have all my makeup in one on my bathroom counter.

Christine Rivera said...

I like this idea. So much prettier than a plastic container, and will add a lot of class to the bathroom. :)

Sara Peluso said...


Karen-CharmingsCollectibles said...

Thanks for the inspiration Sara :)

Madges Hatbox said...

There are some fab ideas here.